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Dr. David Monoatomic Gold is a mystical and alchemical substance used by the ancient people of Burma to achieve super-states of consciousness and mystical experiences.

White Powder Gold is also known as the fruit of the Tree of Life, Etherium Gold Powder Star-fire and gold of the gods known.


Monoatomic gold means "single atom." It does not contain traces of metals or toxins.
Dr. David Monoatomic Gold is the result of alchemy, an ancient science of the practice of the ancient people of Burma.

Dr. David Monoatomic gold is. By changing the atomic structure of 99.98% Gold
The final product is a white powder consisting of billions of individual gold atoms, each literally lighter than the element of air.

Dr. David Monoatomic gold is purely natural and dyed in the smallest amounts of purple fruits and vegetables as well as red and purple grapes, blueberries and eggplants. Purple / Purple is the color, the seventh randomly on the or crown chakra, which corresponds to the higher self and spirituality.

Spiritual Practices

The people of Burma to make gold cake with white mono atomic gold. This cake helped people from Burma and also many visitors in many of their spiritual rituals and practices.

The spiritual beliefs and practices of the people of Burma have been admired by other cultures and implemented many spiritual practices including the use of mono-atomic gold were modeled.

Mono-atomic Gold induces and enhances states of euphoria, spiritual bliss, confidence, endurance, power, wisdom, psychic ability and cell reorientation.


Mono-atomic Gold neutralizes all negativity in the cells and protects them from disease. The substance helps in almost all diseases.

For the healing properties of mono-atomic Gold include:

Strengthens the heart

Strengthens the pituitary and pineal

Strengthens and revitalizes the thymus and thus boosting the immune system

Increases the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow

Causes to regenerate almost all cells of the body

Helping them to impotence

By increasing libido

Mono-Atomic Gold is also great for meditation. It can provide very deep states of meditation or astral travel, let the faculty of the soul, the physical density behind and travel to experience different densities. It also helps increase the human aura or the bio-magnetic sheath.


Mono-atomic Gold strengthens the major and minor chakras, the human aura and the energy field. If the aura or energy field is weak or compromised, the body will rebel "out of sync" or find a balance with the natural rhythms of nature. However, if the aura or energy field is strengthened and increased the body's functions are in sync or harmony with the natural rhythms of nature, and thus are health and well being optimal.

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